Small Thickness pieces


I am making this small thickness model.![21|637x500]

I feel like Fabber works according to inch unit.

As my model is 1mm thick, I then choose a 0.0393701inch tool to match 1mm.

When exporting I have all these small squares but none of the pieces I need :confused:

Am I doing something wrong ?

Regards :slight_smile:

Can you post the SketchUp model so we can take a look?

As a new member I cannot post directly the model, hence there it is on Drive :slight_smile:

FYI, I’ve downloaded and installed Fabber this morning at 10am GMT :slight_smile:

Ok, I took a look at your file and it just needs some tweaking to fully work. I made you a screencast here:

(it’s uploading now so give it a bit)

Let me know how that goes for you.

Is this something you’re going to be laser cutting?

You went the extra mile for me doing Youtube video with comment, thank you very much :blush: :sunny:

I’ll try, I keep you up :slight_smile:

Yes it is for laser cutting, it looks like this when done, it is a market hall :


How beautiful, it works :smile:

Thank you very much,


That’s such a cool project! Are you an architect trying to propose a project or is this just for fun?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It is just for fun, I intend to do more and more architecture miniatures, it is so enjoyable.

I will see where it leads me :slight_smile:

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I meant to ask you what kind of laser cutter you’re using…

Trotec laser speedy 400 in a Fablab :slight_smile:

Those Trotecs are nice!

Are you using something like Lightburn, or their software that came with it? In either case, I assume you took the SVG export from Fabber and put it into that software?

I don’t really know the software used, I just go to the fablab and run the file without paying attention :slight_smile:

I’ll try to check what software is used next time I go there :slight_smile:

I took the SVG export from FlightOfIdeas actually, I did this model 1 month ago :slight_smile:

I am trying a new SVG export software because I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning the FlightOfIdeas export with Inkscape it was hard :persevere:

Ah gotchya. The Fabber exporter will do a much better job than the Flight of Ideas exporter. We do proper arcs and circles, and also all of the cuts are organized on layers for you so it makes them way easier to sort out in whatever program you use the SVGs in.