Correct DPI setting for export from Sketchup to Inkscape

I’m moving a model from Sketchup to Inkscape, and when doing so the dimensions of the objects change. From looking around here it seems it’s an issue with different programs using different DPI, but in the dropdown menu there is no option for Inkscape - what DPI should I use to get the correct dimensions?

(Bonus question - I’m using Inkscape as I have it at home, but the final model will be cut on a laser cutter using Illustrator. If I use Fabber to go from Sketchup (correct dimensions) to Inkscape (wrong dimensions, but I can line all the pieces up etc) then to Illustrator, will the Illustrator file have the wrong dimensions that it gets from Inkscape, or will it change the dimensions again back to the intended ones (as I have used the ‘Illustrator’ option with Fabber)?

Thanks for the help!

You can set Fabber to any DPI on export. Even though there isn’t an “Inkscape” option we do provide a way for you to set a custom option. Check out this post:

Just substitute Gloforge’s software for Inkscape and this workflow should work perfect for you to figure out the size.

To answer your question about going from Inkscape>Illustrator and having the parts be the same size, you could run into the same scaling issue. You can just do the math and scale it if you need. I suspect you’ll be OK though.