Cannot get my model to work

I just joined and am really impressed with the capability of the software. However, I am unable to get my model to export correctly from sketchup 2017

to Aspire version 9.514. I did download one of the free models and that did appear to send the appropriate SVG file to aspire without problem. I cannot figure out why my model is not working. sharpening station.skp (59.1 KB)

You’ve got your axes pointing the wrong way. Check out the getting started video one more time and you’ll see it.

You’re very close!

Thanks for your help sorry, I should have watched the video a little closer. I finished modeling my parts and now I am getting an error that says Failed to nest part 1 (650).
Error in loading the pre-processed data for Part 7 258DAA1EC80. Part not considered for nesting in aspire.sharpening station.skp (303.8 KB)

nevermind I think it is a model problem. Thanks!

Glad you got it sorted, and no need to be sorry. We’re happy to help you with any questions!

Share pictures of this when it’s done!